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One of the things that constantly amazes me is that I can do this work for people who are virtually anywhere in the world. This ability lies in the power of the mind to influence matter at the subatomic level, for it is in this realm that we are all intricately interconnected by what some physicists call a vibrating sea of quantum foam. See the Resources page for the books by Richard Gerber, Lynne McTaggart, Dan Benor, and Dean Radin for an overview of some of the science that corroborates this phenomenon. But I'll describe just one recent study that gives you some idea of how powerful this healing can be.  

In 1999, Dr. William S. Harris published a study in the Archives of Medicine in which he verified this power with 990 patients. Dr. Harris took patients from a coronary care unit and randomly assigned them to a group that was either to be prayed for or not prayed for. Both groups each had the average same severity of symptoms. The prayed-for group did not know they were going to be prayed for. Then he asked born-again Christians who prayed daily and were active in their church (prayer is like any other ability--it takes practice and loving energy)--to pray for the one group. The results clearly showed that the prayed-for group recovered faster and stayed healthier than the control group. And the people doing the praying--they were in another state several hundred miles away!

When I do distance work with people, it happens in two basic ways. If we are doing Energy Psychology, I like to talk with them on the phone so I can become familiar with their issues and so we can establish an ongoing habit of communication. We do the actual energy work almost the same way we would do it in my office. The other basic way is that once I have established the groundwork with a person, we don't even need to talk on the phone! I can do the energy with or without their physical presence.  

In addition to using this distance work with clients I've never met in person, it's great for clients who are unable to come for their weekly session for one reason or another.

If you would like to learn more about how this amazing Therapy can help
with your particular issues and improve the quality of your life,
please contact me at 215.206.5160 or EnergyTherapist1@verizon.net.



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