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I practice a variety of Energy Therapy protocols. They are based on the idea that each of us is made up of subtle energies. These energies constitute a bio-field that can be detected anywhere on the surface of the body using an electrocardiogram. It also extends several feet away from us, and can be measured by a magnetometer. We also have a thought field that affects not only the neurons in our brain but also plants and animals and other people.

A subtle energy called "chi" or "prana", flows through the body along energetic rivers called "meridians". These are the meridians that acupuncturists use. When acupuncturists insert needles in you, they release blockages that were preventing the energy from flowing into various parts of the body that had become diseased or were not functioning well. Whether you insert needles, tap or massage these points to release blockages, you can activate signals that go to various brain centers and shift brain wave patterns to within normal range.

The energy also spins in vortices that yogis call "chakras". These are the energy centers that you try to balance by doing Yoga. There are 7 main ones ranging from the "root" at the bottom of your spine that anchors you to the earth and your family, all the way to the top of your head where the "crown" chakra connects you with the divine.


Specific thoughts, memories, foods and substances like cigarette smoke or newspaper ink, can cause disruptions and blockages in the energy system. These blockages, in turn, cause illness and mental distress. In fact, our environment is so clogged with pollutants such as the heavy metals and PCPs in our food and the petrochemicals in the air we breathe, that all of us suffer increasingly from energy blockages that affect our mental health and physical well being.

When you experience a trauma or eat or breathe something toxic, the flow of energy is blocked--part of you shuts off in an attempt to protect the rest of you. Those blockages build up and become toxic layers of unprocessed trauma. They reside in a kind of cellular filing system and are locked away in your cellular memory bank. Each layer has a network of connections.

Let's say you are eating an enchilada when you are told your beloved pet just died. Unless you are able to fully grieve your loss, there will be a little nugget of blocked energy that will get in your way every time you eat an enchilada or think about your deceased friend. In fact when you think about your deceased pet you may find that enchiladas now give you heartburn. Or, let's say your father is spraying the backyard with DDT at the same time you are joyfully swinging on your swing set. Unless you can get that DDT out of your system, your joyful moments will have a pall cast over them. Over time, a person accumulates layer after layer of these energy toxins. They can lead to everything from depression to acid reflux disease.

What's so amazing--is that the body remembers all this stuff! Your brain is really in every cell of your body--as are all these toxic experiences.



Energy Therapists determine the causes of a person's energy blockages and then are able to use this information to release the sources of distress.   First--using "energy checking" techniques I test you to see what is interfering with your energy at the present time. The human being is inherently honest. When asked to hold her arm out parallel to the shoulder--she will not be able to continue to hold it out if she is not telling the truth when asked specific questions.   If I press on it with about 2 pounds of pressure, it will fall down to her side.   Try it with a friend.   Have him say, "My name is ...[correct name].   Then have him say "My name ...[incorrect name]. Your subject will not be able to hold up his arm when he is not telling the truth.   Truth is consistent with who he or she is, consistent with her energy field.   Falsehood is not consistent and will cause her flow of energy or strength to fail. Note: Inconsistencies can occur in energy checking due to dehydration, lack of sleep, and emotional disturbances. [For an annotated bibliography of research on the process of energy checking, go to www.icakusa.com the International College of Applied Kinesiology.]

So in the BEAM protocal, for instance, I test you, using energy checking, for energy toxins such as DDT or grief. These energies are inconsistent with the healthy whole being you are meant to be--they are blocking the flow of your inherent energy. I do not test you by actually putting things in your energy field that might be toxic to you. Instead, I use what I call, their "energy signature."



The energy signatures of the toxins come in two formats. The most powerful are in the form of glass vials filled with water and alcohol that have been placed in a machine that causes them to vibrate at the frequency of a particular substance or emotion. Sugar has its own vibration as does sadness. To understand this fully, one needs some knowledge of the physical sciences. [See Resources for more information.]

The other format for representing toxins is simply the written word. Words are powerful. Read the word "lemon" and you immediately get a picture of a yellow sphere. Envision slicing it open and your mouth begins to pucker and water.  

In a series of experiments, a Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto, froze water from different places and then took pictures of the crystals that formed. He found that polluted water tended to lose its crystal structure and clear color. Then, in double blind experiments, he typed different words on labels which he pasted on tubes of water. He photographed the water before and after their labeling. The water with the labels "Thank you" and "Love" developed beautiful symmetrical complex structures. Those with labels "You make me sick/I will kill you" lost their crystalline structure and turned brown. Most interestingly, polluted water was actually restored by a group of people praying over it for an hour! [See Masaru Emoto, 1999. Messages from Water . Tokyo: Hado Publishing and www.hado.net]

Humans are about 70% water. Still, I would never have believed that putting a card or vial with the word "anger" or "tobacco" or "physical trauma" on it would get consistent results using the energy checking technique for analyzing disturbances in the flow of energy. However, I have found consistently, that if you are allergic to peanuts, for instance, I can put either real peanuts or the written word "peanuts" in your pocket and you will not be able to hold your arm out straight during energy checking! The peanuts interfere with the natural flow of your energy.



So once we have determined what toxins are blocking the flow of energy, using the vials that contain the words (and frequencies) of everything from "sadness" to "MSG" to "Vitamin C", we--the client and myself, use a method of clearing out these energetic toxins and actually release the negative cell memory. The method was invented by Dr. J. K. Beattie, a Canadian physician, and is called "BEAM™"--short for "Bio-Energetic Access Method." [www.BEAMtherapy.org]

By placing the energy signature vials in the client's energy field and having the client place her hands on the appropriate chakras, and remember back to the first time the emotion of grief was felt, we perform simple chakra exercises to release the negative energy. Sometimes, no memories emerge. Yet because we are naming the issue and processing it energetically, the healing still takes place. This is especially helpful for people who would be re-traumatized if they had to actually remember some experiences of their past. This helps to re-set or re-balance the energies at each vortex, letting the energy flow in connection with those toxins, where it had been blocked. The vials containing the frequencies of all those toxic interferences resonate somewhat like a singer who sings notes that shatter a glass-they break up the emotions/substances they represent because they vibrate at a certain frequency. We are all wrapped in many many layers of unprocessed stuff and so when one set of toxins is released, another is laid bare and becomes ready for work. What is especially important about this method, is that the person's own higher self, decides what is ready to be released. There is no possibility of the therapist unearthing something the person is not yet ready to deal with.  

All of these healing methods have in common the fact that they are working at what Westerners would call the “sub-atomic” level—where body and mind influence each other. (See Lynne McTaggart and Richard Gerber in the Resources section for more information.)


Still have questions? Check out the Resources page. If you would like to schedule an appointment and get started on your Energy Therapy journey, I have two offices to choose from listed on the Contact Us page.

Energy Therapy is a relatively new development and at this time there is only limited published research in established scientific journals investigating these methods. Dr. Eyer does not diagnose or treat specific physical or emotional diseases or conditions and her work is not meant to take the place of traditional medical or psychological care.


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