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Reiki is perhaps the gentlest and most practical healing therapy in the world and is increasingly used as a complement to conventional medical treatments because it can hasten recovery from invasive surgical procedures and ease the symptoms of AIDS, cancer, heart disease, insomnia, depression, anxiety and other conditions, as well as the side effects of medications and chemotherapy. Facilitated by light touch, Reiki treatment usually brings rapid stress reduction and relief from pain and emotional distress. Hospitals increasingly have Reiki Masters on staff as the work has become so widely recognized.

Reiki is a form of vibrational healing developed in early 20th Century Japan. The term "Rei" refers to spiritual wisdom and the term "ki" is the word for vital energy or life force.

In a treatment session, the hands of the Reiki practitioner are placed lightly on (or a few inches above) the body of a fully clothed recipient who reclines or sits comfortably. The Reiki begins to flow through the practitioner's hands and goes to where it is needed in the recipient. The practitioner is simply a vehicle for transporting it. Breathing becomes slower and more comfortable, and the person may sigh or even snore as the state of relaxation deepens. Some recipients feel a warm tingling where Reiki hands are placed, others feel soft waves of subtle pulsations flowing throughout their bodies, and others feel nothing in particular except feeling better about themselves and experiencing a greater sense of well being.

The effectiveness of Reiki is now supported by a considerable body of scientific evidence. Studies using control groups and placebos have verified that Reiki treatments decrease levels of stress hormones, improve immune indicators, improve blood pressure and heart rate variability, and even improve the mood and functioning of depressed patients. [see Resources, Pamela Miles]


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