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Energy Therapy

Upon my arrival to Diane I was at a very low point in my life. My doctor's diagnosis was "adrenal exhaustion." I felt physically ill--mostly weak and faint and often nauseous. I suffered from panic attacks almost daily and would sometimes hyperventilate. Emotionally, I was depressed and at the age of 49, I felt I had no direction in life. My children were grown and gone, my marriage felt unfulfilling and stagnant, my body was sick and I had no purpose in life.

I am not exaggerating when I say my life has totally flipped around! It has been a little over a year since I started doing Energy Psychology with Diane.

At first, I had a hard time believing our sessions would do any good. It didn't feel like much was happening. All I knew was, sometimes after my appointment I was tired. But then things started to get interesting. I started dreaming a lot. I began to get interested in things I hadn't pursued in years like exercise and my love for nature and animals. I began to get more confident and stand up for myself when something didn't seem right to me. Diane helped me address my husband's emotionally abusive behavior in a way that finally put an end to it! (Years of counseling for both of us had not succeeded in doing this!)

When I began with Diane, we rated all my issues like the adrenal exhaustion, anxiety, intestinal problems, and so forth. Most of them were, on a scale of 0 to 10--between 7 and 10 in their degree of distress (with 10 being "overwhelming"). Now -all those problems (there were about a dozen that we rated) are between 0 and 2!

What this means is that my body feels so much less anxiety and when I do feel distress, I now have the tools to pull me through. But the severe anxiety has never returned. My mind and heart feel clear about which way to guide me through life. I trust myself. I've allowed myself to pursue my loves and interests without the need to explain myself to people. This is who I am. I'm comfortable with myself.

And--I now have a new career that I feel confident about pursuing. In fact, I feel totally passionate and happy about it. I have a whole new life to look forward to--my "Second Act" will be even bigger and greater than my "First."

Thank you, Diane, for these amazing gifts. I would never have known all these things if I hadn't stuck it out. I feel like a true success story. Lots of love forever, you know who.
D. in H.V.

Diane I wanted you to know that I’m fine now and I believe I owe my full recovery from kidney cancer largely to the work we did two years ago. I am truly cancer-free. Thank you!
Lorraine R.

Thank you for helping me recover from my “disability” and find my new mission in life as a lay minister.
Denny R.

I recently did the pineal activation with Diane. At the time she did it, I didn’t think anything much was happening. But when I went grocery shopping a few days later, I found myself not interested in the comfort foods I usually crave. Also in that first week, I stopped having hot flashes!! I guess something did happen!

The pineal activation was amazing. I had beautiful visions during the process. Since then I have felt so much more peaceful. Things seem to be just falling into place. Also, my eyes seem to have changed—I find I’m not wearing sunglasses—my eyes seek more light.

After 60 Energy Psychology sessions with Diane, I discontinued taking Wellbutrin. I'd been on it for 13 years, had been hospitalized for depression, as I'd suffered from sexual abuse. Four months ago--I even quit smoking. Now if I can just lose that 10 pounds I'll consider myself done.

I first came to Dr. Eyer for Energy Psychology with a number of physical symptoms, including severe migraines two to four times a month, chronic post-nasal drip, recurring yeast infections and back problems. I had seen a number of MD's and a naturopath for all of those issues, but none of their recommended treatments had an impact. I saw a chiropractor two to three times a week and would get immediate relief for my back pain, but the relief only lasted about eight to ten hours before my back would return to it's normal uncomfortable state. I also craved and ate sugar excessively which had a continued circular impact on my yeast infections.

I began Energy Psychology to see what benefits I could derive from it. While I didn't understand many of the concepts behind it when I first began, immediately after the first session I could tell the therapy had an impact on my body. There were no drastic changes, but I felt exhausted despite not having exerted myself in any way physically. I also, however, felt relaxed.

Energy Psychology also does not require that personal details be revealed to the therapist. I chose to reveal certain connections I was making throughout the therapy, but there was no pressure to do so. I also did not feel that, if I did choose not to share something, my therapy progress would be impacted in any negative way.

As I continued with the therapy, the processes began to make more sense. I would experience differing levels of post-session tiredness, but would almost always leave feeling relaxed and less stressed. After about 15 sessions, I began to feel some real changes.

I continued to see a chiropractor throughout my therapy, but was able to drop down to a visit once a week, or sometimes once every two weeks. My sugar cravings worsened at one point, and then slowly lessened to a "normal" amount. I still get cravings, but experience them much less and, when I get them, I feel more in control. I have not had a yeast infection for quite sometime and have not experienced a migraine for almost four months. My post-nasal drip has also virtually disappeared, only re-appearing for a few days, it seems, as a reaction to what is occurring in therapy, but then disappears again.

In addition to the physical changes I have experienced, Energy Psychology has offered me several coping tools to help manage current stresses and my response to stressful situations. I feel I have benefited from Energy Psychology so far - many negative past experiences do not weigh so heavily on me, and I am enjoying the reduced or eliminated physical symptoms I carried for so long. I would definitely recommend Energy Psychology to others.
Meg L.

I was in a crisis. The relationship I'd been in for six years seemed like it was about to break up. I'd been hospitalized for depression previously and had been on an anti-depressant. But I was well off the medication and feared the crisis might send me back into a severe depression. I had a handful of energy Psychology sessions with Diane that helped stabilized me. That was two years ago and I'm still happily in that relationship and doing great. I still use some of the calming techniques when life gets frustrating.
L. F.

I suffered from asthma, severe allergies and arthritis. I've cut my asthma medication in half, and the allergies have decreased as well. Something that has struck me is that our sessions always calm me down in the face of the stress that has marked my life in recent years. So, though my physical symptoms (asthma, arthritis) aren't "100% healed" and (in the case of the asthma) medicine-free, the value of the Energy Psychology also lies in the realm of the emotional, or spiritual, which are just as valid in their reality as the physical.

For the last two weeks I've been at my dentist's twice having root canal on a problem tooth (on an antibiotic) and because I keep tapping and spinning the chakras, (Energy Therapy take-home techniques) I haven't gone off the deep end!! Even with all this STUFF, when my dentist took my blood pressure (a result of a negative reaction to the local anesthesia), it was surprisingly low in light of my stress level--he was impressed by this. (And I was reassured.)

So, I guess what I'm saying, is that the emphasis on the calming, centering effect of the Energy Psychology practices is not to be underestimated in touting its benefits.
Bernadette Mc B.

I didn't believe in this stuff but I'm married to Diane so I was "volunteered" as a guinea pig for her to practice on. While I pretty much failed to notice any changes, there was one I was forced to acknowledge, as there is just no possible alternative explanation for it. For 23 years I suffered from Acid Reflux Disease. I'd been advised to have surgery for it but I'm chicken when it comes to that sort of thing. So I consumed about half a bottle of Gaviscon a week. After three months of receiving Energy Psychology once a week, no more Gaviscon. In fact, I haven't taken one in four years although I still keep the half- full old bottle in the medicine chest just in case. Oh, also, my anxiety level seems to have decreased and I more often sleep through the night.
Jack B.

Reiki Testimonials

After receiving a Reiki treatment from Diane I actually started to feel the calming and healing effects of Reiki. Later, Diane encouraged me to take Reiki I training. Before taking the Reiki Level I class with Diane, I was feeling physically weak at times and emotionally frustrated and jumbled. I didn't understand what direction to go with my life and now at age 50, I thought I was lost. My children were now raised on their own so what would I do with my life? I wasn't feeling strong physically and thought maybe I was starting that decline towards old age. I just didn't see how to move forward.

When Diane encouraged me to take the Reiki I class I balked at the suggestion because I just couldn't imagine me as a Reiki healer--only a receiver. But I did sign up and to my amazement I really enjoyed the class and the experience. For days after, I noticed a calm and peaceful feeling. I felt "unshakeable." For me, that was very noticeable since most of the time I felt anxiety ridden. This was a huge turning point for me. I finally found something that could help relieve my anxiety. I started to feel clearer in the head and my body--that's the best way to describe it. I knew I was on to something good and I needed to explore deeper. I decided to move on and sign up for Reiki II.

I had heart that after people were attuned to Reiki II that incredible things would start to happen in their lives. This certainly happened to me. After Reiki II I noticed a sharpened sensitivity to communicate with my pets. I would get "feelings" about their needs. Also, it seemed that they grew more affectionate towards me and would look me straight in the eye. I'm learning to trust my intuition more with them. I also have decided to pursue a career with animals. The doors to my future have really been opening up since this experience.
D. in H.V.


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