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A typical Energy Therapy session involves several common steps:

We identify some clear goals. Is it to stop compulsive eating? Stop losing our temper? Recover from depression or anxiety? Recover from cancer? Get rid of allergies and asthma? Stop procrastinating? Deal with a difficult relationship? Find a new path in life? Tap into the unlimited resources within you?

Picture each of us as being like a diamond, covered in layers of "mud" which is composed of unprocessed negative emotions and toxins. With Energy Therapy we clean up this negative residue, layer by layer and delete it from cellular memory using energy centers (chakras), energy rivers (meridians) breathwork, sound healing, and so forth.

In each weekly session, I read your energy to identify what unprocessed negative emotions are in the outer layer and ready to be deleted from cellular memory that day. We may activate chakras, tap on acupoints, do some breathwork, use a tuning fork or laser, while bringing to mind the events of the week or certain key emotions we have identified. If a person does not believe in Energy Healing or says nothing in the session, it still works.

Intellectual understanding is not really necessary because the underlying negative core beliefs and dysfunctional programs with associated toxins, were laid down underneath the radar of adult rational thinking. They have been a kind of default subconscious ROM (Read-Only-Memory, to use a computer analogy) and are the cause for their distress. This un-editable program is simply deleted through the BEAM process and one simply no longer needs an adult left-brain, cognitive "override" because there is no longer anything to overcome with rational thinking. Addiction, compulsions, negative thinking have lost their reason for being! The impulse is no longer there.

There are many healing methods my guidance will direct me to use. They include BEAM, EFT, breathwork, Matrix Energetics, tuning fork healing, bio-field centering and clearing, Reiki, and so forth. (See Healing Modalities) In between weekly sessions clients may call me to receive on-the-spot techniques to relieve specific symptoms such as panic attacks, anger outbursts, compulsive behaviors and so forth.

Often, children recover faster than adults. Energy Therapy has been successful even with people who are not able to express themselves. For instance, it has been used successfully on infants and animals, using surrogate muscle testing. For a wonderful healing of Faerytale, a coyote with PTSD, watch energy therapists Donna Eden and David Feinstein at Earthfire Institute on YouTube.

To learn more about Energy Healing and Vibrational Medicine start with Donna Eden. 2008. Energy Medicine. Penguin. Also David Feinstein, Ph.D. 2004. Energy Psychology Interactive. Innersource. And for the scientist try Richard Gerber, M.D. 2001. Vibrational Medicine: the #1 handbook of subtle-energy therapies. 3rd ed. Bear & Co.


Energy Therapy is a relatively new development and at this time there is only limited published research in established scientific journals investigating these methods. Dr. Eyer does not diagnose or treat specific physical or emotional diseases or conditions and her work is not meant to take the place of traditional medical or psychological care.


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