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In the past few years I've undergone a tremendous revolution in how I see the world and what I'm now able to accomplish.

About a decade ago , I was really looking to change my life--looking for something more meaningful to me and directly helpful to other people. I had joined a very unusual expedition in the waters of the Silver Banks off the coast of the Dominican Republic. We swam in the water with humpback whales--an extraordinary experience. It is the subject of the book about to published, Swimming With Whales, which describes my journey from being a "left-brained" (logic and reasoning) person to opening up the "right brain" (intuition).

On that expedition, I met a doctor from Canada, who introduced me to a whole new concept in therapy. I won't call it "psychotherapy" because it deals with both the mind and the body equally. She practiced a type of "Energy Psychology" on me that she, herself, had developed and it was as if she had waved a magic wand over me. Chronic headaches, nosebleeds and coughs I'd had for ages, disappeared after a few sessions. So, too, did a lot of sadness and fear. No wonder she has a four-year waiting list of people trying to see her!

She told me about the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, an international organization of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and other health care professionals, which I joined. I am now proud to have been trained and certified by that organization. Soon, a whole new world opened up to me and I began to learn how to practice the kind of therapy Dr. Beattie had invented along with several other modalities. Inside of a few months, I was beginning to see amazing things happen with the people I did my "Internship" on. One person who had been asthmatic since childhood no longer needed her medication on a regular basis. My husband, who had "Acid Reflux Disease" for three decades and needed medication daily, no longer takes any medication! It's harder to describe the psychological changes but they, too, have been abundant. They range from people no longer needing their anti-depressant/anti-anxiety medications (withdrawing under the supervision of their doctors) to the dissolution of ADHD and the disappearance of colitis and migraines. In addition, people's relationships changed. Several spouses who had been in an abusive relationships, found that their partners were able to stop their abusive behavior even though I never actually worked with the abusers.


Diane Eyer, PhD

•For almost a decade in private practice using Energy Therapy
• For 25 years, an academic psychologist and nationally recognized author
• Taught Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and Temple University, in Philadelphia
• In 1988, obtained her Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Psychology (with Distinction) from the University of Pennsylvania
• Prior to 1988, ran an alternative school and community center and also practiced various forms of counseling
• Wrote 3 books--all of them about how psychological science gets distorted in the process of becoming prescriptions for healthy living. The first two books, Mother-Infant Bonding, Yale University Press, and Motherguilt, Random House, were reviewed in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and many other journals as well as occasioning the usual TV appearances (including The Today Show), lectures and radio shows (including Dan Gottlieb's Voices in the Family). The third book, written with two colleagues, Einstein Never Used Flashcards, Rodale Press, won a prestigious award for the best self-help book in psychology. . A fourth book, soon to be published, Swimming With Whales, describes her personal journey from being a left-brained academic, to a right-brained healer, and the scientific research that can explain such phenomena in Western terms.

Energy Therapy is a relatively new development and at this time there is only limited published research in established scientific journals investigating these methods. Dr. Eyer does not diagnose or treat specific physical or emotional diseases or conditions and her work is not meant to take the place of traditional medical or psychological care.

While I had heard these Energy Therapy systems referred to as “Mind, Body, Spirit” healing, I really had no idea about the “Spirit” component when I began this journey. I’d been raised in the Episcopal Church but hadn’t attended since early adulthood and really didn’t have any well-formed spiritual beliefs. Wow—did that begin to change as I did this work! I learned to read people’s “energy” --aspects of themselves that are often out of awareness including the “superconscious” or “higher self” that contains our own greater wisdom. And that led to an opening of my own consciousness to even higher guidance.

As my own awareness increased I came to be guided by a profoundly loving wisdom that could see things in my client’s lives that no ordinary mind could know about and could guide me to use just the right healing tools. Someone would come to me with a sore shoulder they thought was caused by a sports injury. Guidance would have me ask them to talk about a pet I didn’t even know they had. Tears would flow as their concern for the sick animal surfaced. Guidance would then have me use a particular energy technique on their neck and the sore shoulder would clear up.

Now my practice of Energy Therapy is shifting. Not only do I use techniques to dissolve unprocessed negative emotions, I am able to guide people toward getting in touch with their own higher guidance and wisdom and to lead their lives in harmony with that “higher self.”

For a visual demonstration of one of the modalities Dr. Eyer uses, watch Regina Murphy on YouTube where you can actually see the energies changing as a result of the therapy. The work is so powerful it is now helping to heal trauma victims around the world. For example, see ACEP members in Rwanda successfully healing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in survivors of the genocide. www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ohHXskRItQ

As Energy Therapy increasingly produces dramatic results, organizations like ACEP (the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, www.EnergyPsych.org) and ISSEEM, (the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energie, www.issseem.org) are engaging in research to bring these modalities into the mainstream.


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