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Energy Therapy is a new and powerful kind of alternative therapy that is quite gentle and can bring very rapid and lasting relief from psychological, physical and spiritual problems. It's based on the idea that we are made up of subtle energies that are constantly in flux, vibrating at a subatomic level. And that illness is caused by disturbances in the flow. In a nutshell everything is energy--including you!

Unprocessed negative experiences and emotions and environmental toxins can block or reverse the flow of energy in your body causing illness and emotional distress. We can identify the issues and toxins that block your energy and then clear them using simple methods that do not involve hours of talking and analysis of your past.

We use easy techniques that you perform on yourself. While bringing to mind some of the disturbing feelings and issues we've identified--we release and rebalance the energy. To do this we lightly tap on meridians--the channels that carry the energy throughout the body; and also spin the area above chakras, specific areas over the body that act like revolving doors to let out bad energy and take in good energy. Some of these words, such as meridians and chakras, may be new to you. Read more about it in "How does Energy Therapy work?"

When your energy is cleared and balanced, you are more physically healthy, think more clearly, have lots of energy, and have a renewed and positive view of life.


If you would like to further explore how Energy Therapy can help
with your particular issues and improve the quality of your life,
please contact me at 215.206.5160 or dianeeyer108@gmail.com

Energy Therapy may help if you suffer from:

Addictive behaviors
Anxiety/panic attacks
Attention Deficit Disorder
Auto-immune disorders
Cancer and cancer residue
Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome  
Disordered eating
Learning Disorders
Low self-esteem, self-judgment
Obsessions & Compulsions
Performance blocks
Prolonged grief or sadness
Recurring irritability/anger
Spiritual distress/disconnection
Trauma reactions
Verbal, physical or sexual abuse

Energy therapy does not diagnose, prescribe or promise cures. It is a complimentary modality that supports traditional medical and mental
health care.


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